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This is the Commercial Site of the Music Label SPLIT   TONGUE   MUSIC. For further information concerning the Label, Artist Development, Music Production, Copyright or Publishing Rights and the Distribution for the German and European Market please go to ....> WWW.SPLIT-TONGUE.EU

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Contact FormThese are the questions and answers we gathered together during the last time. In case your question is not satisfyingly answered below please feel free to make use of the contact form.

[Customer Service]

[How long does it take until an ordered product will be delivered?]

[This depends on the product itself. Please let us know the latest possible delivery date when ordering a product and we will match your requirement or we will get in contact with you for an alternative processing of your order.]



[How much does a product cost?]

[This depends on the product itself. Your order will be calculated within one workday after having received and you will get a final fixed price offer before the purchase is legally binding.]




[Is it possible to change an order after it has been placed?]

[Yes, an order can be changed at any time until the product is finally specified, both parties have agreed on the content of the order and the purchase is legally binding.]




[When does the product have to be paid?]

[The product has to be paid within two weeks after having received the final version and you, as the customer, are fully satisfied with the product.]



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