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This is the Commercial Site of the Music Label SPLIT   TONGUE   MUSIC. For further information concerning the Label, Artist Development, Music Production, Copyright or Publishing Rights and the Distribution for the German and European Market please go to ....> WWW.SPLIT-TONGUE.EU

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Our Products


Brand New!!!

Literature and Music...Check our latest books - available  as hardcover versions and as eBooks through all main distribution portals.

  • Sichtweisen
  • Der Mann, der niemals log
  • Der Mensch existiert nicht

Currently available in German Language only and available as “Mood-Book”, soon....more info

Jingletter - Event-Jingles, Message-Jingles and Name-Jingles for any purpose

Here are the options:

- Standard Jingles without personal information or names in it
- Standard Jingles with personal information or names in it
- Jingles exclusively produced for you, with or without your own voice
- your personal jingle protected by copyright and publishing right

Music is emotion....more info

Radio or Internet Commercial - Your auditory product placement for Radio and Internet. Your company jingle as a part of your Brand. More info...

Mood-Book - Your Book as a Mood-Book - it is not a radio play and it is not an eBook. It is between, your words highlighted by emotional music - produced exclusively for your masterpiece. More info...

Food is Music - Your personal receipt as a Video with music composed and performed exclusively for you.
More info...

Music Loops - Produced exclusively for you according to your requirements. Including Copyrights and Publishing rights. More info...

Paint-Art-Music Object - Amplifying and highlighting the emotions transported by your art object such as a painting, a photo or a sculpture. Including Copyrights and Publishing rights. More info...

Music is an enrichment for everyones’ life.
For listeners we are here to make you experiencing the deepness of unknown feeling.
For musicians we are here to make you heard, to make you felt and to make you unforgettable.

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