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A jingle is a small piece of music that can be mailed or forwarded using any digital media.
A jingle can be produced for nearly any event. The most common event is a birthday, of course, but life is full of events. Instead of words a jingle may be useful to express your feelings and it can express so much more than a small pixeled smiling face.

Jingletters are produced exclusively for you exactly according to your requirements.
Here is just a short summary of varieties you may choose from:

Genre: Classic, Pop, Rock, World, Techno, HipHop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, A Capella, ,,,,to be honest, there is no limit
Language: German, English, Spanish, French...or let us just see what can be done, if you require the product in any other language
Voices: Instrumental, Female Voice, Male Voice, Kids Voice, Choir Duet...or let us know in case a dog should perform
Lyrics/Words: Give us the lyrics or let us suggest some words matching the requirements for any specific event
BPM: Do you want to have it slow or do you want to blast away the recipient....from 30 to 300 Beats per Minute
Format: You may choose one to three formats out of all existing audio formats
Specials: Whatever additional requirement you have, let us talk about it and let us offer some pilot versions

Here are some samples for you (You may download free of charge, if you like): To the samples....


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