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This is the Commercial Site of the Music Label SPLIT   TONGUE   MUSIC. For further information concerning the Label, Artist Development, Music Production, Copyright or Publishing Rights and the Distribution for the German and European Market please go to ....> WWW.SPLIT-TONGUE.EU

Food is Music and Music is Food

Your own receipt or any other existing receipt will be made visible and audible in a complete video. Several variations are available:

- Pictures and Music
- Pictures, Text and Music
- Video and Music
- Video, Text and Music

The Food-Video may comprise of the following components according to your requirement:

- Title
- Personal Information
- Information concerning Copyrights, Publishing Rights  and Ownership
- Ingredients of the receipt
- Preparation Phase
- Cooking Phase
- Presentation Phase
- Eating Phase
- Credits

You may choose one out of all existing video formats.
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