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Mood Book

Anything you wrote can be enriched by music. Music is feeling and causes feelings. Music is life.

If you like to have music added to your writings, your book, your poem or whatever it is....just let us see what can be done.

This is just a sample of page 94 from a book called “Sichtweisen” published for the German Market.....AUDIOSAMPLE

Your Masterpiece will be read thoroughly by our experts, a documented composition will be created and one to three pilot versions of a possible result will be offered to you for revision. It always is a jointly processed project and your requirements will be considered fully and at any time. No costs for you until you are fully satisfied with the product. We are not driven by the evil greed, we are driven by passion.

You may choose from three available Mood Bokk variations:

- The Reader...the book is completely read by one person and the music is added as background music highlighting the sense and feeling of the content

- The Reader as a member of the ensemble...partly, where ever feasible, the reader acts as a leader of the music ensemble and performs the given text / lyrics in lead. The music is exactly composed for the text, becoming lyrics of a song

- Character...The main text is read by one neutral reader. Direct speech is read by each character. The music is composed for each character individually to underline and highlight the temper of the individual.

Here are some more samples for you (You may download free of charge, if you like): To the samples...


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